Crazy machine that gives you great results. Dry your vegetables, your fruit, your meat, your fish...

Atacama Pro


2 899 SEK

Unique drying machine in stainless steel with electronic control panel and digital display

Atacama Pro Deluxe


4 299 SEK

Low fare
Fitting all models

Air filter

for dehydrators

379 SEK

Low fare
3 extra filtration pads for your dryer, made of biological material.

Air filters set

3 pcs

199 SEK

Low fare
Make your drying processes even easier. Fits Pro Deluxe and Pro models.

Teflon sheets

6 pcs

519 SEK

Frozen chili keeps for up to one year in the freezer, but it lasts even longer if you dry your chili fruits. In principle, dried chili can last for ages, though it might just lose a little of its strength over time. There are several ways of drying chili.

In India they sun dry chilies by spreading them out in a sunny, airy place. In Mexico and many South American countries you often see chilies hanging on a line in rows - so-called ristas.

In countries where you won’t get quite as much help from the sun - like in Denmark - you have to use hot air ovens, drying cabinets or dehydrators.

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