If you fancy eating a chili with some of your friends, there is no rule that says you have to have permission from your parents. It’s simply something you can do without permission.

In this case, you’re on an equal footing with your parents. They don’t have to ask anyone for permission to eat a chili. It’s called freedom. You have the freedom to do what you want, but of course, you also have a responsibility to make sure you eat the chilis responsibly. 

1. You need some friends to enjoy the experience with! Ask your classmates if they would like to eat a chili. It’s always more fun in a group. 

2. Remember! For chili tasting to be fun, it should be voluntary. It is never fun to be pressured to do something against your will. If someone does not want to join in, then respect their choice.

3. Find a suitable time. It probably isn’t the best idea to start a day at school by eating a chili. Wait until the lunch break or, better still, the after-school club.

4. Find out where to buy a chili. Lots of supermarkets and greengrocers sell many different kinds of chilies. You can buy a good chili for less than 10 Danish kroner. So the price shouldn’t deter you from eating a chili.

5. Choose a few chilis with different wind forces Then you can really get a sense of how strong the different chilies are.

6. Find someone to record your chili tasting, so you have something to laugh at later. Laughing’s great.

7. Remember to chew your chili well. Better to burn your mouth than your stomach.

8. Don’t panic. Eating chili can hurt a bit, but the sensation passes 

9. Remember to tell your parents you’ve eaten chili. Maybe they’ll fork out some more pocket money, because you have discovered a healthy hobby.

10. Remember that young people eating chili is a fun, healthy, sensible pastime, being around 71 million times healthier than smoking cigarettes.

Why can’t I just swallow a chili?
Many people swallow the chili when it feels too strong in their mouth. That’s a stupid idea. Then the stomach will have to break down the chili, and my experience is that you can get severe stomach ache if you swallow a whole chili. So it’s much better if it burns in your mouth.