Wind Force

 Chili Heat

Chili sort



0. Calm



You feel nothing



Bell Pepper





1. Light air You still feel nothing


Fooled You 
Bell Pepper

100 - 500

 2. Light breeze

The full flavour of chili with very little heat

Habanero Dulce,
Aji Dulce, Pimento

500 - 2.500


3. Gentle breeze


The full flavour of chili without much heat

Sweet Habanero, Peppa Dew

1.000 - 1.500


4. Moderate breeze


A bit more heat, but in a charming way

Cherry Bomb, Golden Cayenne, Serrano

2.500 - 8.000


5. Fresh breeze


A moderate heat combined with the well-known chili flavour


Rompedor, Manzano Rocoto, Jalapeño, Hungarian Wax

5.000 - 10.000


6. Strong breeze


Often a lot of flavour, the chili starts to kick a bit

Monkey Face, Aji Amarillo,
 Peter Penis

10.000 - 23.000


7. Moderate wind


Striking heat, which creates more pleasure

Blondie, Charleston Hot, De Arbol, Sugar Rush, Tabasco, Teapot Red

30.000 - 50.000

8. High wind

Significant heat, which really kicks up the flavour. Now you start to experience what chili can do

Snow White, Habanero Hot Lemon, Lemon Drop

50.000 - 100.000


 9. Strong wind


Now you really feel the flavour, just before a freight train delivers the capsaicin straight to your ears

Habanero Caribbean, Naranja, Habanero Mustard

100.000 - 350.000


10. Full storm


Enjoy it as long as possible. A French electrical train is about to take you on a super-ride

Fatali, Red Savina, Nagabon, Chocolate Scotch Bonnet

100.000 - 350.000

11. Violent storm


If you’re a newbie, you’re lost! Your ears are on maximum sensitivity and a bonfire is raging in your throat

Habalokia Chocolate, Bhut Jolokia, Black Naga

125.000 - 375.000


12. Hurricane


Only for connoisseurs! The flavour is fantastic, but the rent is due – barbed wire in your mouth

Naga Morich, Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Yellow, 7 Pod Yellow

350.000 - 577.000

13. Typhoon

A facemelter! Your face will melt and the flavour must be enjoyed prior to being hit by a German steam engine

Naga Viper, Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion, Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

425.000 - 577.000


14. Twister


If you’ve never given birth, here’s your chance!

Infinity, Naga Raja Mirch, Douglah

855.000 -  1.047.000

15. Apocalypse


Anything can happen. Stay away from high places, where you might consider throwing yourself from. Remember, you are loved 🔥❤️

Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion Morouga Blend

1.400.000 - 2.200.000