Chili sauce is an indispensable part of a meal. It can especially give everyday food an extra spice. However, we have a few favorite dishes that are as created for an extra spice.

Use a few drops on your scrambled eggs or your omelet, on the pizza, in tacos, as a marinade for spare ribs or on a steak for the grill. Limited only by imagination! Get inspiration for more recipes with chili in the book ‘It is go’ in the ears ’by Chili Klaus.

You can even spice up your chili sauce with various spices, only the imagination sets limits. This recipe is a simple chili sauce where you need to use dried chili that you can buy here.

  • 1 bag of dried chilies
  • 1 onion
  • 1 garlic
  • spices

How to make your own chili sauce:
1. Remove the stem and seeds from the chili
2. Roast the dried chilies on a hot pan for about 1 minute
3. Soak the chillies in hot water for rehydration for about 20 minutes
4. Blanch onions and garlic
5. Mix chili, onion, garlic and a little chili water from the pan and blend it

Season with spices

chili sauce