Wind Force

1  -  15 /15


Wind Force

1  -  15 /15

Hot Ones Pack

Hot Ones

The new Hot Ones Pack! The iconic pack from the popular talkshow 'Hot Ones' season 20. The pack contains an exciting lineup with all heat levels.

Want a #hotoneschallenge?

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The new Hot Ones Pack! The iconic pack from the popular talkshow 'Hot Ones' season 20. The pack contains an exciting lineup with all heat levels.

Want a #hotoneschallenge?

Hot Ones Pack

Hot Ones The Classic Chili Maple - Windforce 5

The Classic Hot Sauce continues to evolve with the Chili Maple edition. The goal is to create the perfect sweet heat combination, using maple syrup, apple cider vinegar and Fresno chili from the legend himself, Smokin' Ed Currie.


Maple syrup, chili, cider vinegar, vinegar, garlic, garlic powder, salt, black pepper, turmeric.

Shaquanda's Banjee Ranch  - Windforce 4

The second hot sauce in the lineup is a real crowd-pleaser! Banjee Ranch from Shaquandas is a hot sauce that will make your mouth water. Inspired by the iconic ranch dressing, what makes it so special is the unexpected ingredient, tahini. Yes, you read that right, tahini. It's like ranch and hummus had a baby, and that baby is a smooth, creamy hot sauce. Cheers to Shaquandas!


White distilled vinegar, water, tahini (ground sesame seeds), onion, sugar, onion powder, black pepper, garlic powder, salt, dill, celery seeds, chives, smoked heirloom Sivathei chili.

The Donis Cadejo  - Windforce 8

Although it may look like a mix between Cujo and Dr. Evil's cat, a Cadejo is actually a supernatural spirit that appears in the form of a dog-like creature with blue eyes when calm, and red eyes when it attacks, and this sauce is always in attack mode with its blend of habanero peppers, garlic and black pepper.


White vinegar, mango, onion, Habanero chili, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, paprika.

Los Calientes  - Windforce 7

Los Calientes from Hot Ones combines a pleasant heat from habanero and serano chilies with the sweetness of fruit and the distinctive tomatillo-tomato flavor. It's all complemented by a hint of smoke, giving it a truly unique taste.


Chili (Green serrano, applewood-smoked green serrano, orange habanero), apple cider, apricot, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, tomatillo, agave syrup, water, garlic, salt, toasted onions, cumin, coriander, pepper, celery.

Brooklyn Delhi Ghost Pepper  - Windforce 7

Hold on to your curry dishes because we've reached the halfway point, and this is where things really get interesting! Brooklyn Delhi is not a hot sauce like the others, they take Indian culinary tradition to a new level. This sauce is based on tomato masala and contains India's famous Bhut Jolokia pepper, also known as the ghost pepper to the uninitiated.


Tomatoes, water, Ghost chili, tomato paste, sunflower oil, sesame oil, garlic, vinegar, spices (including turmeric), salt, tamarind.

Torchbearer Sauces Mushroom Mayhem  - Windforce 11

Okay, now it's time for number six, and our friends from Torchbearer have really let their imaginations run wild. Their latest addition, Mushroom Mayhem, is something else. It's a combination of juicy portobello and shiitake mushrooms with a tangy red wine vinegar that will make you feel like you're eating a delicious steak sauce. But wait, there's more! This sauce also has a serious amount of Scoville units, so you can be sure we're now over halfway through the lineup!


Red wine vinegar, tomato paste, water, Habanero chili, brown sugar, Scorpion chili, mandarin, horseradish, garlic, molasses, black pepper, salt, shiitake mushroom powder, portobello mushroom powder, allspice, paprika.


Angry Goat Dreams of Calypso  - Windforce 12

So, on to number seven - Angry Goat Dreams of Calypso. This one's a spicy number! This hot sauce takes you on a Caribbean journey filled with pineapple, mango, and bell pepper... And as if that wasn't enough, you also get a slap in the face from a potent 7-pot Primo mash! It's like being hit by a tsunami of flavor and heat!


Yellow 7-Pot chili mash (chili, vinegar), pineapple, mango, lime juice, prepared yellow mustard (distilled vinegar, mustard seeds, salt, turmeric, and spices), carrot, distilled vinegar, cane sugar, yellow bell pepper, sea salt, granulated garlic, allspice.


Da' Bomb Evolution  - Windforce 12

Burning red super strong Scorpion chilies, paprika and turmeric, along with sugar, garlic and lemon. A touch of herbs, coriander and mint, help complete the flavor. Tasty with shrimp, chicken or vegetables.


Red hot chili, water, vinegar, salt, spices (including paprika and turmeric), minced garlic, cane sugar, garlic powder, extra virgin olive oil, onion powder, concentrated lemon juice, coriander, mint.

Butterfly Bakery of Vermont Taco Vibes Only  - Windforce 14

If you want to give Taco Tuesday a proper kick and take it to the max, then Claire George from Butterfly Bakery has created the sauce for you. You get lime juice, cumin, coriander - everything you need to get those perfect taco vibes. And then you have Carolina Reapers and Ghost Peppers, which are known to be felt in your ears!


Distilled vinegar, red serrano, Reaper Chili, lime juice, Ghost chili, garlic, salt, Reaper chili powder, coriander, cumin.

Hot Ones The Last Dab Apollo  - Windforce 15

The Apollo chili is a hybrid of the world's previously strongest chilies, Carolina Reaper and Pepper X. Apollo surpasses the Scoville scale and hits much harder than any of its ancestors. Carolina Reaper is still the officially strongest chili in the world, while Pepper X is unofficially the strongest! A cross between the two has thus become Apollo.


Apollo chili, distilled vinegar, Apollo chili powder, Apollo chili extract.


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    Wind Force Scale

    Scoville units: 1.400.000 - 2.200.000

    Anything can happen. Stay away from high places, where you might consider throwing yourself from. Remember, you are loved 🔥❤️

    Chili: Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion Morouga Blend

    Scoville units: 855.000 - 1.047.000

    If you’ve never given birth, here’s your chance!

    Chili: Infinity, Naga Raja Mirch, Douglah

    Scoville units: 425.000 - 577.000

    A facemelter! Your face will melt and the flavour must be enjoyed prior to being hit by a German steam engine

    Chili: Naga Viper, Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion, Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

    Scoville units: 350.000 - 577.000

    Only for connoisseurs! The flavour is fantastic, but the rent is due – barbed wire in your mouth

    Chili: Naga Morich, Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Yellow, 7 Pod Yellow

    Scoville units: 125.000 - 375.000

    If you’re a newbie, you’re lost! Your ears are on maximum sensitivity and a bonfire is raging in your throat

    Chili: Habalokia Chocolate, Bhut Jolokia, Black Naga

    Scoville units: 100.000 - 350.000

    Enjoy it as long as possible. A French electrical train is about to take you on a super-ride

    Chili: Fatali, Red Savina, Nagabon, Chocolate Scotch Bonnet

    Scoville units: 100.000 - 350.000

    Now you really feel the flavour, just before a freight train delivers the capsaicin straight to your ears

    Chili: Habanero Caribbean, Naranja, Habanero Mustard

    Scoville units: 50.000 - 100.000

    Significant heat, which really kicks up the flavour. Now you start to experience what chili can do

    Chili: Snow White, Habanero Hot Lemon, Lemon Drop

    Scoville units: 30.000 - 50.000

    Striking heat, which creates more pleasure

    Chili: Blondie, Charleston Hot, De Arbol, Sugar Rush, Tabasco, Teapot Red

    Scoville units: 10.000 - 23.000

    Often a lot of flavour, the chili starts to kick a bit

    Chili: Monkey Face, Aji Amarillo,
 Peter Penis

    Scoville units: 5.000 - 10.000

    A moderate heat combined with the well-known chili flavour

    Chili: Rompedor, Manzano Rocoto, Jalapeño, Hungarian Wax

    Scoville units: 2.500 - 8.000

    A bit more heat, but in a charming way

    Chili: Cherry Bomb, Golden Cayenne, Serrano

    Scoville units: 1.000 - 1.500

    The full flavour of chili without much heat

    Chili: Sweet Habanero, Peppa Dew

    Scoville units: 500 - 2.500

    The full flavour of chili with very little heat

    Chili: Habanero Dulce, Aji Dulce, Pimento

    Scoville units: 100 - 500

    You still feel nothing

    Chili: Fooled You Bell Pepper